When you are walking in a desert land,

With not an oasis in sight,

When the thirst has just become unbearable,

Water needed like a dying man’s last wish…

Image credits: raceforemily.com
Image credits: raceforemily.com

Then, a shimmering and a glimmer on the horizon,

Thus new life to aching limbs,

The death knells staved for just a moment,

That renews the drive for a fresh try and perhaps a long awaited success,

Finding none, another nail in the coffin,

Till life’s joys ebb and pale into nothingness.

A new source though , is renewed love, joy and faith,

The three cardinals of a beautiful life.

Have you found hope?

Copyright : Abimbola Onaoluwa 2015



Will you find hope today?

Do you know where hope is found?

Do share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section, someone somewhere needs it now.




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