My Strange New year Resolution

My Strange  New Year Resolution

When D called early in the new year and asked what my new year resolutions were; I had my standard answer ready- which was NONE.


Strange right?

Not so strange, my answer was based on observations of many people around me. Their new year always started with a bang, there was a lot they looked forward to – fastforward to March, the enthusiasm had waned and they were back to old habits.

download (4)

So, what was the point right?

Wrong! I was so wrong… I realised the futility of thinking like that when D made a simple profound statement – there must be something you can change that really does need to change.

Voila! That was the light burst that awakened my erstwhile hibernating mind. Who says that my new year resolution had to be some gigantic goal that sooner than later I find it very easy to fail at?


It does not have to be so, a tiny change here and a tiny change there and it is more likely for me to achieve all of those years of new year resolutions I failed to make because I was afraid of failure.

So what resolution did I make? I started with a really strange one. Do you want to know what it is? I am laughing even as I remembered the moment I made it. It required just one small step – Tick a small box on my devices and remove the Autocomplete and Autocorrect function.

Good thing that does is that I will no longer have strange sentences that make no sense floating back to me in email responses that alert me too late that the pesky autocorrect in the computer/software decided to change what I had really typed and wanted to say to another word I had no business mentioning. Do you have any examples of that happening to you? When #AutocorrectDevil took over and made you say something else? Please share, it makes for good laughs.

My most recent example is:

*I would like you to buy my candy when you come back… when did my become a better substitute for me? Who is selling candy? Certainly, not me!

From around the web, enjoy these funny examples.

download (7)  autocorrect images

Yes, that is it. Do you think it is a strange resolution and decision to make? For me, maybe not. While I am not the world’s best speller; in the past one year I found myself struggling with the spellings of some words I had no problems with previously, whenever I needed to send a quick email on the phone without the autocorrect function. When I thought about it, I had two theories: the more plausible one was that the part of my brain needed for spelling and such stuff was no longer being challenged since I joined the Autocorrect train and so atrophy was setting in… (that word Atrophy is a really bad one- talking about something reducing in size and function and yet having a word like trophy which suggests excellence in it – Arrrggh! But, I digress…). So, I resolved in this new year, to simply remove the trusty aid and get the brain juices flowing again. Do have a beautiful day and I hope this made you smile at least? Please share…

Note: Apologies to all who suffered along with me this morning (getting notifications of several updates of the same post) when I mistakenly used the edit button on the previous post instead of new… Summary is that I learned a new skill on the job – how to recover a missing post that you had published earlier but could no longer find… Not funny when it happened, but now I can laugh. Imagine clicking on the link for “Hope” and getting instead “A strange  new year resolution”…Hahahaha. #TouchingStory.


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  1. sparrowvoice says:

    Reblogged this on Sparrowsongstoday and commented:

    Last year it was this change I made, and it has helped. So, it will remain like that because it has saved me from avoidable errors.


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