Lesson from the Coconut tree

Lesson from a coconut tree…

Standing tall and majestic,
gently swaying in the breeze.
Appendages bearing down,


as if they would break off any moment.
But, like the Rock of Gibraltar; they stayed,
the top fronds paying homage upwards,
the lower ones drooping.
“Why should this be so?” I pondered.
Behold, the fruitless ones were standing tall,
free of encumbrances.
But, the fruit bearers were bowed and bent,
with the many fruits they bore.

Credits: times.com

In their fruitfulness lay their ultimate sacrifice.
Unthinking, unappreciative humans,

Image credits: en.wikipedia.org

readily use the useful fronds as materials for local brooms.
I wondered, what then was the gain of the useful and used fronds…
In its sacrificial giving and usefulness lay its true worth.
Hence, its gain in value.

Copyright © 2004 Abimbola Onaoluwa

Sometimes, we feel like the Coconut palm- unappreciated and not glamorous enough to rank among the best. If only we would look more closely and recognise the many areas in which we contribute to make this world go round… By this world, I mean the people who come into our orbit daily – family, friends, co workers even strangers. Even though they may not say it, know that deep down where it matters they know. So, keep smiling, keep giving and be as resilient as the coconut. Cheers!


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