My Strange New year Resolution

Last year it was this change I made, and it has helped. So, it will remain like that because it has saved me from avoidable errors.


My Strange  New Year Resolution

When D called early in the new year and asked what my new year resolutions were; I had my standard answer ready- which was NONE.

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Strange right?

Not so strange, my answer was based on observations of many people around me. Their new year always started with a bang, there was a lot they looked forward to – fastforward to March, the enthusiasm had waned and they were back to old habits.

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So, what was the point right?

Wrong! I was so wrong… I realised the futility of thinking like that when D made a simple profound statement – there must be something you can change that really does need to change.

Voila! That was the light burst that awakened my erstwhile hibernating mind. Who says that my new year resolution had to be some gigantic goal that sooner than later I find…

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