Be focused


2016 Rules – Rule 2

This is a tough one,

How to be focused?

When the distractions abound in appeal…


I will continually return my gaze to the focus,

I know I will get distracted,

But as soon as I recognise that,

I will return and get back on track.


In time, at each day’s end,

Marking the finished tasks becomes smoother,

and not a guilt trip.

Always ending each day with thanks.


Abimbola Onaoluwa 2016


This is Rule 2 of the 2016 Rules for me. Work is starting for most people , and staying focused is vital for excellence. In the midst of our distractions though, there is a need to recognize when we have fallen off the wagon and to make the necessary changes. I will be focused, no matter the distractions? What about you ?

My plan is simple:

i. Outline next day’s tasks the night before.

ii. Get started on the tasks as soon as I wake.

iii. Recognize and give allowance for legitimate interruptions and distractions.

iv. Continue from where I stopped  after distractions has been sorted.

v. Stay focused on the big picture.

What is your plan ?


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