Be You, Remain You


Growing up should not change me; mutilate,

To the point where the child I used to be dies,

I can learn and grow,

Yet still retain the essence of me.


I can learn from you,

But I do not want to be you,

For the unique person of me has value too,

To grow without loosing the essence of me,

Is the rule of a balanced life.


You can learn from me too,

But never strive to become me,

For a copy always pales next to the original,

You are original and need not become a copy.

Why should we loose our selves in growth?

I would rather we celebrate our unique differences.


Abimbola Onaoluwa 2016

This is Rule 3 of the 2016 Rules.


2 thoughts on “Be You, Remain You

  1. Our uniqueness makes the world an interesting place to be, like they say, variety is the spice of life.

    The world would be a boring place to be if we all have the act/behave the same way.

    Let’s grow in our uniqueness and learn from others without imitating them, because Imitation brings limitation.

    Thanks for the post, learnt some things from it.

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