Avoiding Needless Comparisons

If only the Cocoa tree knew,

That the Corn plant could never outshine her,

She would not have moped and cried,

In needless comparisons of their growth.

The Corn grew very fast and tall

Three months into their planting,

On the same farm’;

While the Cocoa was yet a tender sapling.


Credits: anguillalife.com
Credits: anguillalife.com
Credits: webhostbridgew.edu
Credits: webhostbridgew.edu


If only the Cocoa knew,

That the corn’s faster growth could not stop hers’

She would have smiled and taken pride,

In her much balanced, though slower growth.


The Cocoa could not have known,’

That the Corn would ultimately produce less,

Or even be gone and then used,

As mulch for the young tree she had become.



Abimbola Onaoluwa. 2016-01-06


Dear friend, avoid needless comparisons, it is fruitless and demeaning. For it reduces the person you are to a lower one you were not meant to be. Abraham Lincoln could proudly talk about his father as being the best shoemaker ever- because the man faced his vocation and made the best of it. Be the best of who you are; avoid unnecessary comparisons- it is an exercise in futility. This is Rule 4 of the  2016 Rules. Do share your thoughts about it.


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