When troubles come

Still give thanks.

When the words hurt like spiky nails,

Or the delays weary the soul,

Still give thanks

Difficult though it may be.


Must life’s road ever be smooth?

The rough and tumble needs precede,

Before Victory chants ascend.


So in thankfulness, weary steps fly,

Songs, the toil of a bleak day breaks,

Joy the balm of tired souls;

Making always supple, my thanks muscle be.


Onaoluwa Abimbola 2016.

Already in this new year, there have been challenges that make the songs pause. It thus reminds me of the 5th 2016 Rules – Be thankful whatever each day brings. So whether it is being stuck in traffic in a poor network zone, cut off from civilization/help or missed appointments, job challenges or even health issues. Someone somewhere has passed through a similar thing; persevered and triumphed.

So, I will focus on the present task, remain thankful and keep growing. What about you?



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