Oh my heartbeat gently thrums,
Looking for a discordant tune;
Unintended for anything but to compare notes.
What it found, a pleasant surprise,
A different tune truly, but a true heart,
That is the same tune;
Only different expression,
Beautiful harmony, coexisting in love,
Interesting symphony, more than earthly music’s?

Forever a touch, so divine,
Allowed by heaven above,
Purposed  for the time, that fateful night,
Obtuse the sorrow, shared pain so sharp,
Having no need of recourse,
Until the day of mourning passed,
Now, I’ve found the true heart of you,
Daring to smile and break new ground always,
A joy latent within, friendship has discovered?

Oh what sweet bliss, breeze, boom,
Reaching every heat-burnt corner of my heart,
Enveloping me in a mitigating caress,
Only a true friend could give,
Finding all to give me succour,
Even when it’s hardest.

Flowing joy gladdens my heart at the thought of you,
Uncommon beauty, that you show,
Necessitating a glow of gratitude,
Making every heart around blossom; including mine,
Into a phase of flowery growth.

Only a word from you,
Lucid declarations of truth,
Always spiced with nectar,
Optimum taste, your words engender,
Golden thoughts they leave behind,
Utopia is a very close reality to you,
Naturally, you remain embedded in my heart.
Reaching into the deepest recess of my heart you’ve gotten there,
Even previously unexplored terrains, you?ve left your mark,
Making a blazing trail of fire,
Igniting every grateful bone in me; all.

Only time will tell?
Looking back; first time, I knew a friend,
All my senses screamed! This is going to be great,
Me thought , o well! Defy convention,
Indeed, I find I am right,
Daily, I can only smile in remembrance,
Intact, still I know the friendship remains,
Perhaps, distance may separate,
Until then, I will relax;
Praying that it is not too soon,
Or that it is never, or do I dare?

Oh well, whatever!
Pity says goodbye when the break comes,
Always though, one thought remains,
Knowing you; is a wonderful blessing,
Singing for joy; bringing my heart delight; the song continues

Jehovah! My father; unworthy though I am,
Enclosing me in a warm cocoon of love,
Saying: “Come home my daughter”
Unrelenting still my redemption to fulfill.
Surely, I know not a greater love.

Counsellor, yes you are?
Helping my muddled life,
Rearranging the details, my mess cleared up,
Installing new life, with a force unequalled,
Standing in my place, for me a pardon to get,
Taking me; a life turned around- my love, my life I owe.

Abimbola Onaoluwa


An adage in Yoruba says “twenty friends do not play together for 20 years”. Looking back, to when I wrote this poem; that adage is very true. But, one friend has remained constant. Can you guess who?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelechi says:

    Meeee! that’s my guess, 😂

    Lovely poem straight from the heart.
    Truly His love is relentless,
    To us undeserving
    Yet He’s stuck with us despite our frailties,
    Loving us unconditionally.

    This can only be Jesus, nobody else but Him, we owe Him our lives continually.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sparrowvoice says:

      Always we do…

      That is one friend that can never fail.

      Thank you Kelechi for stopping by.


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