Unending only because of the memory,

Instant and powerful in action,

Fear installed even at the first touch,

Strongest connection nanoseconds apace,

Gripping the most unwilling accomplice


An artists’s dilemma,

Not for passion unperceived

Shocking, electrifying, numbing, ultimately blinding,

Relief, an ocean’s drop lack in the stream,

Higher thresholds attained,

Seemingly effortless iron grip of a maniac.


© Abimbola Onaoluwa – 2012.

It is ok to cry. Healing always comes. When I wrote this in 2012, it probably felt like the end of the world. Now, just four years later, it has all faded from memory and there is no remembered pain; at least not the crippling kind. Whether it is physical or emotional pain; more often than not it has an expiry date.

So, cry if you must in times of troubles. But, always dry your tears and get a move on into the promise of a definitely better tomorrow. Tomorrow always comes and the tears birthed by pain always dry, when you have triumphed in survival.



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