See the children crying….

When you see that unkempt looking child,

Turn not away in disgust,

There is a need silently beckoning to you,

From the tired little eyes.

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Perhaps, you neither felt the pain of hunger,

Nor the frustrations of unmet needs,

Still remember how you feel,

When something you need is just beyond your reach.


Today, go out of your comfortable little circle,

See the children crying,

Unshed tears just hovering on the borders of their hearts,

Burdens too heavy for the puny shoulders,

Wrenching a forced maturity in their tender years.

Talk to that little one,

You just might be the ray of sunshine; after a season of rain.


Onaoluwa Abimbola 2016


Some of the things that make children cry are not necessarily only solvable by making a financial input. Sometimes, all they need is a hand to wipe their tears, an armful of hugs reassuring that it will be alright.

Some will need more than that; maybe aid to buy books, pay the school fees or even healthcare costs. But, how will we know whay they need if we never talk to them?

Take 10 minutes to really talk with a child today, not only your own.



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