The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind


Can be tasking,

Sucking all life out of a weary soul,

Leaving only the  residue of a paper thin existence,

Dry, lifeless and soulless.


Many walk around,

I see them, not a smile nor a dimple  remains,

Cares and fears have choked  out the tiny seeds of hope,

Forlorn, they bear the weight of burdens unshared,

For the glimpse into their soul – which they shared did not comfort bring,

Rather,  mockery and shame from hitherto called friends.


No more trusting,

Once; more than was bearable, bitten,

So like zombies they trudge daily,

Rushing to meet some long forgotten ideal,

Forgotten in the grind of failed hopes and dreams.


But, like a dry stump,

There is hope – if only life giving moisture be found,

A life giving smile,

Touch or even a miracle of a revived dream,

Then life springs forth anew,

And from corpses  of old,

Rises another- a phoenix is born.


It matters not how many times t he daily grind kills,

Each day is another opporunity for life,

For hope and a better existence.

Go and LIVE daily.


Abimbola Onaoluwa. 2016


For several days I could not publish from my netbook as it would not even save a draft. So, Valentine day passed with me unable to post the poem I had pencilled for the day. But, I have learnt to take it all with a smile and move ahead with other tasks. In the long run, that attitude is a lifesaver.

Life is challenging, truly- but whatever you do, always smile and reestablish the origins of your hopes and aspirations- beat new paths and keep flourishing. I love you.




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