For every woman…

On this International Women’s Day #IWD2016, I celebrate every female, woman alive today.


You are beautiful, unique and special.


When man was created, there was a need, he lacked some vital component and then came you and God was pleased  enough to end the work of creation.


You are refined material, an improvement on an original work… man came from dust, you from the strongest part of man- bone.


No wonder you are strong… For all the pain , the trauma that life sometimes throws at the girl child; yet her survival rate is more… Women live longer so the research says.


Dear woman, today I have only one advice for you – “Embrace your flaws”.


When you look at those parts of you (flaw) that make you feel inadequate or not able to measure up to some standard you have set up – recognise these parts of you for what they really are.


They are the reasons why you are truly amazing. When your story is told, many will wonder and say “so inspite of this _______________ (insert flaw or inadequacies) she was still so awesome!”


Remember you are like a tree : every part of you is useful.


Yes, you are awesome and today if you do nothing else , please smile, do a dance to your favourite music and give thanks for being a woman.


So many are envious of you and would give their eye to become you.


Stay beautiful…DSCN7208


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