Reign of the Rats



In upsidedown land,

the rats are king,

darting in and out of holes and haunts,

Standing on the lion’s tail with a wink.


Madness it bestows,

when in plain sight the rats scurrying,

torment the land,

and remain untouched.


Traps and baits are failing,

Rats are roaring,

Humans are scuttling,

The lions of yesteryears are aged and in hiding,

and unchecked,

the excesses of the despicable reach gargantuan proportions,

With swelling ranks and emboldened gaits,

more successfully outrageous  abnormalities they birth,


Until the day of the Lion cubs!

And the restoration of order and sense,

Until then,  the rats remain royals holding court.



© 2014 Abimbola Onaoluwa



This poem originally had nothing to do with Lassa fever, I wrote this a while ago, but like the comical meme shows, the rats are still in power even against  cats.


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