I Dared to call Him Father

I dared to Call Him Father is a must read. I picked up this book; a copy of my sister’s and I could not put it down for longer than fifteen minutes at a time until I finished reading. Picked up the book yesterday , finished reading this afternoon .

A wonderful book written by a Pakistani woman who had the most amazing experience, that led her to Christ. Reading the book rekindled the feel of the early years of knowing Christ.

Written in simple English, I dared to call Him Father is a book everyone- Muslim, Christian even atheists need to read. You can get a copy here.

images (2)

Bilquis Sheikh -Author “I dared to call him father”

Best  of all, it is not an expensive book and is a great addition to any library. I am curious though, the book was written quite a while ago? How come I never heard about it?

Bilquis Sheikh Sheikh is my new found heroine. She displayed uncommon courage at a time when it was not fashionable to do so.

Have you read any excellent books recently? Do share with me. I am finding time again for an almost-forgotten hobby.


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