Faces and Masks

We all put our best faces forward. To do otherwise is to expose ourselves to social harm and ridicule.

We learn to smile, even when inside we are crying a river of tears; painful buckets by buckets.

We learn to laugh politely, instead of clawing out the smug face smiling down on us at the other end of the table.

When we could have shown our true feelings and reactions; we learn to mask them and put on the socially acceptable one.

To show the many faces of the complex reactions we are capable of feeling is to expose oneself to social harm and ridicule.

So instead we learn to wear dark goggles, a poker face and then graduate to covering our truest inner most feelings with carefully laid on words like the make up paste on a woman’s face- layer by layer of transforming, not-easily-recognisable faces that mask the real person within.

Faces and Masks
Image credits: webelieveinbeauty.com

Except of course you are __________ (fill in the blanks with that outrageous person you know who does not have a modicum of “political correctness” running in their veins.

Or that blunt friend of yours who always “says it as it is” – never minding whose feelings are hurt by the resulting buccal expressions. I call them vulgar; a more forgiving person may say they are frank people. What say you?

Do you sometimes wish you were them? No, please dont! That would be a disaster for the peaceful world we all crave. Or don’t we all?

At least, I know about me. I am a pacifist. I hate the very idea of war and killings and I also recognize that it all starts from our interactions; the faces and expressions which we refuse to mask in the interest of peace.

What am I rambling on about? In the wake of the tragic Brussels attack- I have come across some really malicious posts and comments (I refuse to reproduce them here). I will instead continue to share that  which engenders peace and mutual co-existence.

The issue is not about Arab immigrants or King Leopold’s misdeeds or even the often ignored Boko Haram terrorist menace in Nigeria.(I refer to the malicious posts for background); it is more about the fast dying love for our neighbour. How exactly do we restore that? When would all the conflicts  end?


#PrayingForAllVictims #BrusselsAttack


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