#31Days31Writers: Abimbola says “Nigeria is our collective responsibility”

This was written in 2014 when I was in recovery mode. I did not know at the time that there was a global #HealthForAll movement… Signing up for that was in October 2015 and then subsequently pushing for #UHC4AllNigerians.

I have a lot to be grateful for as well as many reasons to see the work I do as God-ordained. All that I have experienced personally and vicariously contributed to the still puny efforts today.

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When I put out the call for writers, Abimbola said she was up for it, and promptly sent in an entry. For some reason, I didn’t find it, and so I emailed two weeks after asking if she was still interested. Right after I sent it I found her piece, and I apologised (truth is I’d had a really dodgy day), and somehow we exchanged emails that told me her piece would be perfect for today. Today, the 21st of July, 2014.

Thank you dear for writing in, and for taking the time to email back and forth the other day. You don’t know what it did for me. Hugs!

When I started writing this, the rains had just emptied out in a ferocious, torrential display of annoyance. Another Nigerian had just died; my aunt and the downpour reflected all that no words could say yet. Getting the email from…

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