The tragedy for me here is that another young life is snuffed out… unnecessarily. When HIV no longer has to be a death sentence if early detection is available… But how do you detect early when #UHC4AllNigerians is not available? When … “The parent’s had thought his illness was just a normal illness and had kept him at home to be treated by patent medicine dealers. Blame them all you can but, I felt sorry for them. How could they have thought about HIV when they both tested negative for the viruses which their son carried?

But, I didn’t tell them immediately o! I only didn’t blame them for not bringing him earlier. Besides, they looked so poor that one would be forgiven for thinking they were too poor to afford hospital bills.” ??? When will it all change for the better?

Fifty Shades Of Me

When Nnaemeka sent me this message “My update, I dedicate to you. You have a beautiful mind and you make us think about the things we love to ignore. ” well, I was expecting nothing like this. We’d had an argument on my wall and despite everything I already know about him, I was thinking what an ass. Here’s the story as only he can tell it.

I was severely distressed by evil spirits, in the hospital, last night. The patients had been all comfortable, during the day. But, once midnight closed in and, I wanted to catch a nap, the evil spirits came. Then, suddenly, some of the patients started feeling unstable. One man stood out.
According to the new nurse, he had pulled out the nasal oxygen prongs that literally kept him alive and started walking outside, dribbling stool, as he walked, fighting imaginary spirits. When…

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