Who do I report this to? Ecological Disaster in the making.

Ecological wahala is loading in this community. While coming back from an outreach visit to Fadage – the #UHC4AllNigerians One Community at a Time Project Phase 1 community; I observed this terrible evidence that we are sometimes the reasons for some of the environmental challenges we face.

Go through the photographs. Houses were built ridiculously close to a river.

Some of the houses already show evidence of cracking in the walls – probably from the onslaught of the water.

It appears a new house is under construction; which will block the natural path of the river. Of course, the river will find another way around , but when the volume of water increases… What happens?

Say hello to floods; huge destructive floods that we now most conveniently label “an act of God” carelessly forgetting our heavy contributions to the process.

So, I am asking again, who do I report these to? Does the government have any control over the protection of our environment anymore?




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