I do not respond to shades and subs and here’s why.

A really true perspective… The best response there is to give.

Uju's Musings

Something happened during my third year in medical school.

And that something has never left my memory.

As a matter of fact, that something has had a profound effect on my outlook to life.

That something is the reason I DO NOT respond to insults, shades or subs, no matter how piercing.

One evening, I was walking from my hall of residence to another hall.

And it happened that a group of boys were busy having fun insulting every human that passed that way.

You couldn’t see them, but they could see you.

The insults were horrible.

They were painful.

They were sickening.

When it got to my turn, the boys reached into their arsenal and produced the shade they felt would be most injurious.

They were having fun, or so they thought.

It hurt, but I managed a painful smile, said nothing, did what I came to do and…

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