America’s error

It is no longer fresh news that Alton Sterling has been killed… killed by a cop… for no legitimate reason.
It is a shame… A huge shame that America which prides herself on being the land of the free continues to enslave her young black men. The continued extrajudicial killings has the capacity to keep young black men cowed; always fearful lest they end up dead- another victim of a soon forgotten extrajudicial killing. The roll call of former victims which includes Trayvon Martins reads like a broken record.

 A big shame it is that even with a sitting Black POTUS , these glaring crimes against black men continue unchecked. Worse, perpetrated by law enforcement officers who ought to protect them…
From protection and service for the rest of the people; law enforcement in America remains victimisation and a death sentence to black folks. When will these hate crimes by law enforcement stop? How many more #Alton s will die before a paradigm shift in racist attitudes happens?
What kind of example is the free world giving to countries like Nigeria where protesters routinely get killed and disappear for daring to stand up against “authority”? No positive example when you kill your own innocent citizens whose only wrong is being born with melanin in their skin. #BlackLivesMatter

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