Since time immemorial, peace seems to have eluded the world.

There is always a challenge to achieving world peace.

On this International day of Peace, this old poem of mine is still seeking answers…




Peace, like a soap bubble; eludes us,
Poverty, like a stigma; sticks to us,
Prosperity, hmm much sought after,
Pestilence, though is striving to destroy us,
Why SARS, AIDS, CANCER and several other deadly diseases?

If it is not Hitler,
It would be Osama Bin Laden,
or Saddam Hussein or even you,
A thorn in the world’s flesh,
ever present, Oh why?


Fluffy clouds drifting,
against a sky blue background,
so tranquil, so peaceful.
But, a darkening, a rumble,
and the dream crashes like a pack of cards.
Hmm, sky peaceful one moment, tumultous the next.

Uprisings, unrest never cease,
rebel risings always,
secessionists showing their faces,
wars and wailing never cease,
scarred people abound,
when will there be peace?

Copyright © 2003 Abimbola Onaoluwa

This repost – For Charlie Hebdo victims

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