An Uneasy Path to Recovery

Wow… This is another reminder that Depression can often go unnoticed in friends you are not very close to…

Purple Stories

img-20161002-wa0105 Romeo Oriogun

Sometime around 2009 I called my sister’s boyfriend who happened to be a medical student; it was around that time I knew that what I was going through has a name and it is recognized medically. I was having a hard time at school swinging between moods so extreme I thought I will not see the next hour, so I reached out to him because we were close and because I thought as a medical student, he would understand and maybe guide me to where I could be treated. I really wanted to talk. I wanted someone to tell me that I was not going mad but it was another story entirely. He interrupted me; that was the first sign I received from him. Then he talked about how my sister was struggling, how I should face my studies, how I was showing signs of weakness, that depression…

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