To better friendships…

This is one desire of the moment.

No resolutions…

Just a consciousness that I ve let down some friends in the previous years.

A lot of excuses could probably be given.

Still , it will not remove the fact that a lot more could be better.

The last month in 2016 had me angry at an old friend who said a few hurtful words when I went visiting. Gist of which was that I was not a good friend.


I had been itching to point out that I was a better friend to her than she was to me… But , I ve not had a release to do that.


Then, I was flipping through my digital album and saw this photo and it stopped me in my tracks.dscn8196


Truth is this 2 lovely friends of mine would probably be justified if they said I was not a very good friend. Both rallied round in support at the airport when I had excess luggage issues with the changed flights. I do not remember calling to say thank you afterwards when we all got back home.


But, it is not intentional.

The days just pass without my reaching out as I intended.


Then, I saw from a facebook post that a friend that I had wondered what he was up to had actually been in an accident several months back… and I did not know.


So, here goes…

If you used to be a friend of mine or are still a friend, please can you help me get better? How do you do it? Retain meaningful friendships even when things get hectic?


What one thing would you like me to do differently this year?


I will be waiting for your feedback.


Thank you and a beautiful 2017 to us all.


A toast to beautiful and enabling friendships in this new year.











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  1. Kelechi says:

    Retaining meaningful friendships and relationships when things become hectic is tough yet possible.

    I was guilty of this even to those closest to me. Always procrastinating and not reaching out when I remember them. This lasted for a long time till I had to consciously decide that I MUST reach out to them at least once a week.

    And that decision has paid off albeit with struggles at some point.

    I’ll suggest the following tips I learnt in the process of reuniting with some folks and I’m sure it’ll be of help to you;

    Be the first to reach out to them.

    Stop the assumption – some will be excited to hear from you while others won’t. Try to manage their responses.

    Don’t procrastinate – you may end up not reaching out for a long time and that gradually creates a gap.

    Don’t defend your action – Don’t act as if your right, the power of “I am sorry” helps in the process of reuniting with them.

    Don’t be drawn into unnecessary arguments.

    Check up on them when you are less busy and know how they’re doing. This shows you’re concerned and you care.

    Don’t get yourself worked up or constantly feeling bad about it, just act.

    I do hope you’ll reunite with old folks and enjoy the moment.

    Cheers to better and enabling relationships this New Year.

    Best wishes

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    1. sparrowvoice says:

      Hmmmm, thanks.

      I like the detailed yet clear action points you give. God bless you for sharing.


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