A new Perspective is always possible.

I have lived in Abeokuta almost all of my life.

That is roughly 30 years of a continuous immersion in the sights and sounds of the old rock city.

Rarely have I seen beauty in the town.

Not until I saw Farida Adamu’s lovely photo on Facebook

Abeokuta from the top of Olumo Rock

did I realise that I d been missing a whole lot.

Abeokuta is beautiful. I love Abeokuta because it is a relatively quiet, serene town.

But, I d been missing out on the picturesque beauty of the brown roofs and agbole clusters…

Just because I ‘d never seen Abeokuta from the top of Olumo rock.

Now , my perspective has changed.

This also applies to other areas of my life. I need to get the view of my circumstances from above.

This photo Farida took while seating on the highest point of Olumo rock is truly beautiful.

Now, I ve got a reason to see Abeokuta, especially Olumo rock as a tourist attraction.

Who wants to come and visit?

Perhaps, join me for a leisure drive around town on a cool night?

You can be sure that we will visit the beautiful Ake palace and the site of the first church in Nigeria.

Abeokuta is an ancient historic town that boasts of a number of notable people originating from there. The Nobel Laureate- WoleSoyinka, the multi talented Kuti family and is host to the Renowned Abeokuta Grammar School which happens to be my alma mater. Any AGSOBAs in the house? Would love to hear from you …share your Abeograms story.


Lots of stories to tell about Abeokuta. Keep a date  with this blog and you’ll be able to read some of that.




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  1. Otunba Sam MacNoble says:

    Visitors to Abeokuta are always captivated by the peace that breaths through the rock City. Of course, it was like yesterday when I saw my name on the notice board (serial number 7) of Abeograms, signifying admission to join a league of elites! I promised my mother not to play football in school and to only face my studies. this was a daunting promise, impossible to fulfill (How will she know anyway?). I played everyday but I was careful enough to remove my uniform and hang it somewhere before kicking around the leather ball with my friends.
    Fate wasn’t smiling on me the day someone mistakenly took home my school uniforms (Abeograms students never stole) and I had to walk home in my boxers and dirty singlet (Oh!!! poor me!!!!).
    OK! I had a good story for mummy. I wasn’t playing, I was the referee.

    Beautiful write up Onaoluwa

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    1. sparrowvoice says:

      Oh my goodness! This is one really hilarious Abeograms story. Thanks for sharing Sam.


      I always knew that baby face look is a mask for mischief… smiles.


  2. Kelechi says:

    You just aroused my interest in visiting the ancient city of Abeokuta.

    I’m so interested in the “leisure drive”, please how do I apply for it? *winks*

    My take home – I need to get the view of my circumstances from above.

    I can just picture my circumstances like a chess game, knocking the obstacles off piece by piece, ending victorious like checkmate.

    Lovely piece, expecting more tales of the city.

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    1. sparrowvoice says:

      #Smiles … You know you just have to holla when you re ready for the leisure drive. VIP ticket straight!

      I m also glad you had a takehome blessing.


  3. acepixels says:

    Definitely interested in the leisure drive, itching to explore the town

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    1. sparrowvoice says:

      Way to go! You’ll likely be one of the first to go on the tour. I can feel your excited anticipation and I m looking forward to some great photos as well.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Waoh. Ibadan is not far from Abeokuta. Will plan a tour.
    ‘A new perspective is always possible’

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    1. sparrowvoice says:

      Good one… A worthy vacation goal for 2017.


  5. adams says:

    Wao, very captivating, some times you don’t really know the worth of what you possess until when circumstances bring it before you. I’m just realising the need for me to pay a visit to olumo tourist centre after a very long time I visited the place. Thank you Onaoluwa for this piece.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sparrowvoice says:

      You are very correct sir. I am sure you will enjoy going to visit Olumo rock again. Thank you too for the feedback.


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