Monday morning madness… By a Nigerian youth.


We are our own problem in Nigeria.

This morning on the way to work , from Brewery area till I got to Olomore , there was terrible traffic.

This was unusual…

Being the curious person I am, I decided to investigate.

Lo and behold, it was a Nigerian youth that was the problem.

The report was that a TRACE official hit a National Association of Nigerian Youths Bus and cracked the windscreen.

So the young man driving the bus came out, removed the key and left the bus halfway across the road, thus blocking traffic.

So, a fairly busy roundabout junction became a traffic mess…

This video shows several people including TRACE officials entreating him… To no avail.

Is this the attitude that befits a young Nigerian?

Is this not lawlessness?

Watch the video and see why we need help in Nigeria.

There are many questions on my mind…

Why does TRACE not have towing vehicles?

A towing vehicle at the scene within 15 minutes would have settled the problem.

When did youths stop being law abiding?

Did you notice the bus had no number plate?

What a mess!



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