Of Wasted opportunities and historical monuments…

Of Wasted opportunities… Historical monuments…
Many friends have asked me, “what exactly is so special about Abeokuta? ”
To that question, there is no simple answer.

As an Abeokuta born lady who sees more beauty in the historic rock city, you could actually say I m biased and you would be right.
Sadly, a lot of the beauty I see is wasted…
Many historical monuments in Abeokuta are not getting the necessary media and government attention.
I even heard that the government demolished or wanted to demolish more of the historical monuments in Ogun state. Apparently public outcry saved the day.
Take for instance this “Centenary Hall” built in 1930…

Centenary Hall by Adesanya Adeniran of AcePixels.

Today, the hall is little more than a relic…

Lacking any state support or governmental presence, it has become a halfway home for whoever wants to take a break from the heat of the midday sun.
Yet, this historical monument still has a lot of potential.

It is right in the centre of town, almost directly opposite the Ake palace… Just a five minute walk from the first church in West Africa… Rich history right?

Photo credits : Adesanya Adeniran (AcePixels).
Centenary Hall, Abeokuta by Adesanya Adeniran

With the gallery view from the first floor, methinks this hall would be very useful for stage artists still honing their craft to display their budding talent…
Win win as people get free or cheap entertainment while the artistes build their repertoire.
Or don’t you agree?
Still on the matter, do we have any art patrons in Ogun state… ?
Saw some old paintings in the Centenary hall. I m wondering if they have any value?
Do take another look at the hall … What do you think?  Is this a wasted opportunity?


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  1. Gbemiga August says:

    Great writeup, But please can you give credit to the photographer of the images used in it.. So atleast it can be worth the while of the latter.. Thanks alot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sparrowvoice says:

      Thank you Gbemiga for pointing out the oversight. Photo was taken by Adesanya Adeniran of AcePixels – logo on the photos too


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