This is why you need to be choosy about who you marry…

Saw the photo above in a discussion thread. You will not believe some of the responses.
I mean , shocking responses that reassured me that being accused of being too choosy about who to marry could definitely be a good thing.
My eye popped to see responses ehnnn.
But , that’s not the main gist of this post.
Look at the photo again? 
How much was offered?

100 Million Dollars …

Such a huge amount of money shey?

What if it was Zimbabwean Dollars…?

To think that a lot of people do not actually value the people they are in relationships with or married to is so sad.

Well… This is one reason I feel, it is ok to be choosy…

I tend to evaluate ” how valuable am I to this person?” Before considering a change in relationship status.

So would you break up with your current relationship for 100 million US . Dollars?

Anyone who could throw me away for a few million dollars (no matter the currency) is not worth my time …

In fact, I have some funny examples of disqualifiers for suitors based on values… Yeah, I disqualified some guys because they made choices that said “I value me more than us”
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Till another time…




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