On Life and Tragedies…

This week started with sad stories.
First one was me reading the sad news from Dotun Fadairo’s Facebook page. He is the author of “From me to you” – available on both Amazon and Okada Books. He is also the handsome gentleman in the featured photo.  
Then, before the day wound out, the sad story of Allwell Orji , reported to be a Medical Doctor ; who jumped into the waters of the Atlantic by the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos.
To still hear that a LAUTECH final year student committed suicide is like one bad news too much , for a single day! I could not help exclaiming “Why do tragedies happen?”
This question often never gets satisfactorily answered. Almost everyone is resigned to the knowledge that life often comes with tragedy. However, it seems that in our current generation, many have forgotten that the age old axiom “while there is life , there is hope” still holds true.
To you, who is reading this, where do you find hope?

To face each new day , without hope is a terrible disaster waiting to happen.

To live without hope is the greatest tragedy of any human life. 

 I am sending a prayer upward for God’s comfort to reach all who have lost a loved one or been hit by tragedy in any form. May there be rapid healing and an outpouring of grace and hope to soothe their hurting hearts. Amen.
So, I ask you again, where do you find hope?
While you are pondering on the question, please head over to Okada Books to purchase a copy of Dotun Fadairo‘s “From me to you” for N500 only. If you prefer paperback copies, then head over to Amazon. I can assure you that picking up a copy is a worthy investment to your own soul. His thoughts on life show a wisdom uncommon in one so young. The thoughts written in his book encourage the rebirth of hope in weary souls. My first impression on reading the book was that these were the thoughts of a man who had seen life…life in all of its many forms. I am sure you can find equal or greater benefit from reading the book.

From Me to you
Hope’s Face – Dotun Fadairo



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  1. Chinwe says:

    I find my hope in the wonderful comforter who dwells within my heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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