On Politics… and Propaganda.

For a long time now, I have known that propaganda (big word for lies and half truths) go hand in hand with politics.

Unscruplous politicians use it to smear the reputation of perceived opponents… a lot of times in fact, the victim is portrayed as the wicked hunter.

While the hunter pretends to be the victim.
Until recently though, I was never a victim and therefore did not really understand how much it could hurt.

But , terribly painful and hurtful it was… it nearly brought me to tears.
To see someone I d considered a brother lie blatantly, ostensibly because we were not in the same political camp.

That hurt, a lot.
Then , I got really angry and took action.
Instead of disregarding the lies and carrying on as if it did not matter, I decided to express my displeasure and insist on correction of the observed wrong doing.

Like every lie, propaganda, if allowed to fester eventually becomes a cankerworm and manages to obliterate the truth in the minds of the people who have been constantly exposed to that propaganda.
So, it s best to nip it in the bud! Fast!! How?

Simply say the truth and keep proclaiming it. Truth and propaganda never go in the same direction.
You may not gain friends in the short term, but in the long run, you would have done a lot of good for the community you belong to.
Spent the better part of the weekend ruminating on “is it possible to be a politician and not be affected by propaganda?”
I m still wondering…


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