On gender and career possibilities…

In Nigeria, when a woman works in the hospital, then she is automatically a nurse… Never mind if she spent 8 years getting her degree (plenty thanks to NUC and ASUU). No, she must be a nurse!
A man in brown scrubs is automatically a doctor… never mind if he is a health assistant and just a step above the regular cleaners. Afterall, the male brain is best suited for the medical sciences…
Yeah, it is 2017… But, the perceptions of quite a lot of Nigerians about gender and career possibilities remain largely unchanged.
 Within this past week, I have been referred to as a nurse more than 3 times.Each time, but the last one , I politely corrected and told them I m a Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS)… to blank stares suggesting that being an MLS is equal to being an alien.
So what to do?
Gender apparently still determines the career options a woman is likely to explore…In 2017?
Should a woman be restricted in her options? These are just random musings of mine. Or should men?
I hope the day will come when a man being a nurse is not seen as an aberration… I hope that day comes quickly when gender is not a factor for career possibilities.
May that day come quickly.
Till then, let’s keep the bonds of friendship. 
  So, hello, how are you my dear friend? Have you eaten? Let’s share a cup of tea and continue to oil the wheels of conversation.


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