#SaveNaijaHealthcare: the genesis…

This evening I really do not know whether to cry or just mope…

I will instead tell the story of the genesis. Perhaps , we will have some well meaning Nigerians who will take it upon themselves to #SaveNaijaHealthcare.

Nigerians deserve to know the truth… About the major reason why healthcare in Nigeria sucks. There is a major conflict in the Nigerian healthcare sector and teamwork is a dream not even shared by up to 50% of healthcare staff.

FMC Owo, was where I first experienced this firsthand. A Pathologist , Dr Omotayo refused to allow the then CEO/Registrar of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN); Prof. Emeribe access into the Histopathology lab. Prof. Emeribe was there to inspect and accredit the facilities which were being used for training students and interns as well as render services to Nigerians.

This inspection like the PCN (Pharmacists) is a statutory function of the MLSCN.
It was that day I learnt that in Nigeria , if you are a Medical Laboratory Scientist on Level 15, you can not be the HOD of the Department so long as there is a Doctor even if he is on Level 12… 

Until recently when an NICN judgement proclaimed MLS as a distinct profession, able to self administer herself; this was the status quo. Many versatile MLS that could have made the Nigerian Medical Laboratory space a pride to behold have been handicapped.

Would you believe that shortly after that incident Prof. Emeribe was removed as the Registrar , MLSCN and a ban placed on medical laboratory inspection in Nigeria?

You say wow, right?

So, the proliferation of substandard labs , which are operated by quacks and charlatans is a direct result of this.

Many times when I want to make posts about #UHC4AllNigerians, I pause …
The sad truth is the hospitals available to majority of the masses are moribund messes… Incapable of giving appropriate care at an affordable cost. Instead , patients get diverted to private facilities not even as good as the government ones.

The maintainance of quality and appropriate standards is rarely the concern of most of the administrators. 

Do you know who they are? Some Medical doctors who act like they belong to a cult and seek to upturn the wheels of justice.
You do not believe?

Please read the first letter (photo 1) , then read the following conversation, followed by the second letter (photo 2)

Have you read the letter in Photo 1?

Then , please read this next one (copied below): 

Copied from Mdcan blog

[17/04, 06:47] The CMD of NAUTH Nnewi, last two weeks appointed a Laboratory Scientist as Director of Laboratory Services in the Pathology Department of NAUTH Nnewi. 
He did this without informing me or NMA, and without informing MDCAN or Pathologists. 
He, then, created the Office and put the logo of NAUTH with the title of Director of Laboratory Services, at the door. 
Then, he called the Pathologists to a meeting and informed then that, henceforth, all letters to Pathology will be routed through their Director. 
When he was asked by the Pathologists the reason for his act he had 3 lousy reasons to give:
1. He was written, by a lawyer, to explain his reasons for not complying with the NICN Ruling on MLS Services and Department; and that he did not want to ignore the NICN Ruling, so he made the appointment;
2. He was scared of threats to his life;
3. He did not want to allow an industrial unrest in NAUTH. 
All three reasons are empty and lousy depositions, because the anti-theses are more cogent than all his theses. 
The Pathologists never informed the NMA; but, it appeared that someone told MDCAN NAUTH, who went last week to see the CMD. When a further enquiry was made on the outcome of their meeting, the MDCAN said that the CMD had assured them that the Laboratory Scientist, without a Directorate or Department of MLS, was only due for promotion to the post of Director and that was what he did. And that there was *_no cause for alarm_*. 
I only heard all these thrash two days ago, through a reliable whistle blower on ground; and so, I sent a quick message to the CMD asking him the import or indications for his anti-professional act. When he was not forthcoming, he has not responded till now, I escalated the communication to my SEC. And a concatenation of NMA activities became activated. 
It was only then, that the MDCAN NAUTH Chairman decided to call for an Emergency Meeting in a week’s time (Friday 21/04/2017)!!!!!!; and to us, that was woeful. 
On account of this conspirators tardiness, I have summoned an Emergency NMA SEC for 48hours’ time (Tuesday 18/04/2017) and made contacts with the National NMA and MDCAN and given them my update. 
I have also advised the NAUTH MDCAN EXCO to resign, _en masse_, by Tuesday, while asking our Ethics and Disciplinary Committee to dust up her papers. 
Just recall that the ruling of NICN on this issue in JUTH is under appeal with a stay of execution and that what the CMD has done is contempt of court. Even at that, the MDCAN SAN had applied to be joined in the original case against the FMC Asaba, while appealing the ruling in Jos. 
The National body of Pathologists, I was informed, is fully aware and embarrassed by the events in NAUTH NNEWI, and has prepared their local group for a meeting with the CMD on Tuesday (18/04/2017) afternoon. I have advised the attending MDCAN team to that meeting to ask the CMD to cancel and withdraw the Appointment Letter to the Lab Scientist and shut down that Office before any further talks. And to have their EXCO resign _en masse_ after that. 
In between we have been going to Court with agents of the State Government for frivolous tax demand notices. Just yesterday afternoon we had to release a colleague locked up by officers of the State CID on accusations of murder, just because a mismanaged patient who was referred to his clinic died at resuscitation. 
In the midst of all these, the CMD preferred to work against a profession under my watch. I guess you can appreciate the tasks that are engaging me at Easter.


The result of the above is the letter in Photo 2.

The other day when a friend ; Dr Chukwuma Oraegbunam was advocating for peace and unity among healthcare professionals on another post I made celebrating the Biomedical Scientists Day, little did I know something else was brewing.

At this point it is crystal clear that the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Nigerian Medical Association do not really care about Nigerians getting the best healthcare possible. An unbiased Ministry of Health would obey the NICN court judgement . Do you know that as we speak there is no Directorate of Medical laboratory services in the Ministry of Health? There are just too many anomalies which are undoubtedly contributors to the pathetic state of Nigerian Healthcare. 
The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists deserves commendation for going to court successively , winning the legal cases and going through the process of getting justice by the rule of law. 

The people who seat and continue to thwart justice , should know that though justice may be slow… It always comes…

One big question begging for answer now is “who will #SaveNaijaHealthcare?
Can President Buhari be the one ? Or do we wait for another?


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