First Lagos Uber ride.

So,t oday I got my first Lagos Uber ride.

Yeah, not the first…But a Lagos first!

Gave the driver a five star because in the craziness that Lagos is, getting me to the programme ahead of schedule was commendable.
So , I thought to share with friends. 
Instead of taking the regular taxis when going from mainland Lagos to the Island area… Lekki for instance, you can simply pick an Uber. Click on the link and you can get N1000 towards your first ride.
You will need a GPS enabled phone and the Uber app; which you can download from  Google Play Store.

Install the app and follow the instructions to get your first ride.

Now , I did not take a photo while in the car, because I did not want to embarrass the cool driver as well as myself . Now , isn’t that hilarious?
So , instead, you get to see my face… a little bit #smiles… Heading back to base here … Lagos and I do not gel so well…#sadface


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