Celebrating the journey… 1

This early morning I was in a celebratory mode.

Despite all the hiccups, one goal has been met. The result? The book is out! A hardcopy version as well as an ebook version.

Let me give a brief recap. Recently (On my birthday , I announced that I had finally gotten the courage to release a book I d written circa 2015. )

I had originally typed it on my mum’s laptop. But in the process of moving some of my stuff to another device ; I had mistakenly deleted the latest version. This was before the birthday announcement.

Then in March I d found an older version of the manuscript file on my external hard drive  , so I had started working on it on my tablet device just before the birthday.

Immediately I posted about the book on Facebook, I heard the inner voice tell me, email yourself a copy of the manuscript file and eBook cover file. I did that immediately. I had learnt in a hard way never to ignore the gentle nudge.

Thank God I obeyed, … Because a few days later till now, the phone tablet has refused to boot till completion. Three repair centres later, I m finally accepting that the tab may never work again.

If that had been all, would have breathed a sigh of relief, but then the trusty old laptop I d borrowed from my mum also developed a fault. A couple cybercafes- later and leaning on a senior colleague for use of her laptop occasionally; we are finally here. Behind schedule but definitely done.


Had to give up on the Okada books idea because the email I sent asking how to give out some free copies of the book even when there is a price on the site; went unanswered..

Kindle solved that problem and so occasionally I will be giving out free Kindle copies. Yay!

P.S .

2 major changes…

Reduced the book size in order to make it handy and edited the book in order to make it as concise as possible. When you are depressed , reading voluminous tomes is not usually a favourite activity.


16 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice idea to have an e-version . I like the cover page. I will read it when I can.

    P.S Don’t you think it is redundant to say “voluminous tomes”?

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  2. Nneka Chima says:

    Nice idea to have an e-version. I like the cover page. I will read it when I can.

    P.S Don’t you think it’s redundant to say
    ” voluminous tomes ” ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sparrowvoice says:

      Oh yes you are right! A tome is already voluminous… Thanks


  3. Sam Okodhi says:


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  4. Olaleye Cecilia says:

    Weldone, awesome job. Congratulations dear

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sparrowvoice says:

      Thank you so much


  5. Congratulations for taking the bull by the horn. Let me know what it takes to get a copy.
    More power to your elbow!

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  6. David Ogbeidi says:

    This is awesome! A worthy contribution to addressing depression. A psychotherapy of some sort. Well done, Abimbola.

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    1. sparrowvoice says:

      Thanks David… I should ask you to be a reviewer ooo, lols.


  7. Nche says:

    Great job inspite of all the odds.

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  8. Henry Oshowo says:

    I celebrate the literary prowess in you Onaoluwa Abimbola

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    1. sparrowvoice says:

      Thank you very much bro


  9. Remi says:

    You have done well, really you have,
    I am proud I know you (even though pride is one of the deadly sins, I’m still proud of you),
    Well done and Thank you for staying True.
    Much Love,
    – Remi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sparrowvoice says:

      Wow! Thank you so much Remi. God bless you.


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