Rebuilding Nigeria…

As I stood at the bus stop that sunny Friday, there were no thoughts of #FindingHope on my mind. 
The conversation earlier about Nigeria had thrown me into a blank mood. All I just wanted to do was get back to work …
As is usual for Friday afternoons, the cabs and buses had increased their fares. I had just the exact fare they were charging though… But, I stood, waiting to get a comfortable vehicle and not get squeezed into the back seat of a small car. 
As I called my stop, a white nondescript bus stopped and the driver repeated my stop. The bus on a cursory glance was definitely not commercial. It had space for a passenger only in front and the back was screened off like a delivery van.
As I walked towards the bus, I remember thinking, hope this is safe? But, then I thought “it is me against the driver, at the worst, I will use the seat belt and choke him”
Crazy thought right?
Anyway , I entered and greeted him, then proceeded to mind my own business…
Until he started speaking…
He said he stopped to pick someone at the bus stop because he was feeling sleepy and needed someone to talk to , so he could stay awake…
I also told him I was not feeling too well, planning to get tested for malaria et al. at work, which was why I easily rationalised entering a non commercial vehicle just to leave the bus stop. 
I asked where he was coming from and what he does…
And thus began the very refreshing conversation that replenished hope in the Nigerian project.
Long conversation that spanned the one hour plus ride… Gist is: 
1. He is a salesman who just got promoted at the company’s recent AGM for outstanding honesty and proving that a salesperson could work with zero debts.
2.He said his motivation for seeking to be different comes from realising that each person making a tiny difference in their own circle by the choices and actions they take.
3. So for him, being positively different means that at least in his own little corner and sphere of influence, things would be better.
4. Nigeria will get better as more and more people make a conscious decision to be positively different against all odds…
5. Making hundreds of thousands of naira wrongly still does not solve any long term problems for him; he has to think of the future and not tie himself down needlessly.

Talk about a huge coincidence right?
Talk about a great God …

And best of all,  I got a very refreshing yoghurt to accompany the flow of conversation…
By the time I alighted at my stop, I d gotten an overflow of hope about Nigeria and possibilities ahead. Nigeria will not become better overnight , but daily we can continue to celebrate the positives and watch out for better. As a way of saying thanks to him for being a godsend, I m marketing free for him for 2 days (see the post script).
Watch out for #Day4 . Follow the hashtag #FindingHope
This is #Day3

P. S. 
That refreshing yoghurt he gave me was Mide yoghurt. The unique taste is definitely worth mentioning. For 95 thousand Naira, you can get 100 packs (12 in each) of this absolutely delightful yoghurt. 
The number to call is  Mr Goriola on 08140305755 … Deliveries nationwide. 
Thinking of small, inexpensive gifts for Christmas? 1 pack of 12 is a good way to start …  Nutritious and easy to carry. What are you waiting for?
Call Mr. Goriola and get  your own.


The attached photo is one I took of an abandoned house recently. Even though the house is in ruins, there’s still beauty and hope of restoration. In many ways, Nigeria looks like this house… Can we begin to rebuild?




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