Reasons to smile…

Today , I’m in a bit of a rush … 
I want to share these photos from yesterday and tell you a bit about why we smile.
See my beautiful friend and I?
We are not the richest or most beautiful people around…
We’ ve got our own fair share of daily challenges that we contend with…
But, we can smile because: 
1. We are grateful for life.

2. We are thankful for the priviledge of friendship.

3. We enjoy the comfort of family and friends.

4. We see hope for better days as we smile and work on our goals.

5. We absolutely loved seeing each other again after more than 2 years of serving Nigeria together in Eku , Delta State.

I could go on…
But , let me stop at this point and  say a very big thank you to my darling Oduola Dasola. You are a lovely friend and everyone needs someone like you. Thank you for intentionally coming around to see me yesterday, despite your distance. You don’t know how touching that was to me. You proved the truth of that Yoruba axiom that says “it is the house of the one you do not love that is far” . God bless you dear.

So back to you reading this, tell me what makes you smile? Can you list them out and take a smiling selfie for each one?





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