Lessons from Arsenal FC…

I am an Arsenal FC fan… I love the club. It started as a sentimental love , but over time grew to a strong loyalty to the team and even the manager… I may not follow other teams or even the different leagues , but subconsciously… I ll always be a Gunner.

Arsenal teaches me a lot of valuable lessons…

For example, the fact that you did not win a trophy does not reduce your value.

Most football savvy pundits will agree that Arsenal still remains one of the most viable football clubs all over the world…

Arsene Wenger remains one of the personalities in football that deserves applause… His persistence even in the face of seeming failure is commendable…
Many lesser men would have thrown in the towel and moved to another club – especially when fans started calling for his sack.
But, still he stuck…
He is indeed a great lesson in #FindingHope
How does this apply to our human lives and experiences?
Look at your life, try to analyse it like you would analyse a football game and the Arsenal club.
Can you say you have made a fair profit , considering the investments that has gone into you?

Know this , you are still viable regardless of any failed outcome you have experienced …
Your viability may not be measured in terms of coming out tops in every contest you participate in. It may be small “Carling cup” worthy victories that you ve gotten so far…
But, check your history … You still have hope for more. At least you can remember some of the victories you ve had in the past. Let them give you a wellspring of hope to draw from. Until you get the more though… Don’t throw in the towel.

How have you helped others towards the achievement of their own goals? Sometimes , Arsenal FC is derided for training talents who.go on to perform wonders in other clubs … I usually wonder, how is that a disadvantage? If you decide that you can fulfil purpose as an incubator for others’ good; then please pursue it with every energy you ve got. Let no one make you feel ashamed for that.

Wow! This is getting really long…
What other lessons about #Hope can we learn from Arsenal FC? 
I m looking forward to reading those complimentary comments … No hater posts please … Lmho… Even though,  I know our Chelsea Noisemaker brethren will not be able to resist sha… Lols.

Here’s #Day10






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