Of Seasons and times…

Today , I reflect on seasons… And times …
Of plenty, of lack , of trials and triumphs…
How fleeting indeed they are…
Seasons will always come and go… Do you know the current season of life you are in?
A few weeks back , all I had to my name was N20. 
I d overdrawn my bank balance… Except for one account that had N2000 plus and an expired ATM.
Then, I fell sick…
Ran tests and malaria parasite test was negative that day. But, still I was not feeling too well.
So, I said maybe it is stress… Let me rest very well…
Rested a whole day and still felt worse.
So, I returned to the lab, took more tests and by that time, it was clearly malaria.
Headed to the pharmacy, but could not access the free ACT medicine, because the new requisition of drugs had not yet been gotten for the hospital pharmacy.
So, I thought a while, then used the MTN Xtratime “borrow me airtime” facility, got airtime on credit and then called a Pharmacist friend who has a pharmacy. 
He sent one of his sales people with the drug to me and I was able to start treatment.
This happened not up to two weeks ago.
Then , a senior colleague around that same time had asked me how much I need? 
But, I refused to give her a definite figure and did not continue along that line of conversation…
I was privy to her own personal challenges and need; thus did not want to become an additional burden joined to the ones she already has…
But,  I eventually collected from another senior colleague … I did not have to ask for a specific amount. It was a gift that came freely. Story for another day ni yen sha. Just follow the hash tag #FindingHope
Why did I decide to share this story today?
Yesterday, a friend told me on the phone that I look like one of the richest young people around and I could not help laughing out loud.
I m not one of the richest ooo… Sometimes, I could qualify as poor as a church mouse sef… But, I understand from Scriptures that God is able to meet all my needs…
Also, seasons do not define me or even you… Paul the great Apostle said he had learnt how to abound as well as how to abase…
No matter what the season you are in at this time, know that it is not permanent… And be appropriately guided…
If you are in a season of abundance, invest it wisely and properly … I don’t mean only investments for yourself… As good as those are, it is even better to invest in others around you. Look around and identify needy people in your community. This season – meet a need.
If you are in a season of lack, think of it as dry season period… Prepare your ground, remove all weeds, sow good seeds  as you wait for the rain. The rain will surely come. Ensure you are ready and adequately prepared.  Blessings.
What season are you in? Whichever one, be thankful.
The photo: a plant in bloom… Evidence of the start of another season.






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