The Campaign for better healthcare practices in Nigeria – 1

The Campaign for better healthcare practices in Nigeria – 1

Fellow patriotic Nigerian,

Adigun (not real name) was admitted recently in LUTH. His parents are poor Nigerians, who do not have health insurance cover. When Adigun’s treatment initially started, the attending doctor sent him for medical laboratory tests in the LUTH Haematology Lab. Total costs of the tests was N3, 120: 00k . It was expensive, but they managed to pay. Then, a week later, he was sent for follow up tests and Adigun’s mom being the curious type, checked and saw that the tests were a repeat of the former , but from a different private laboratory (where they have interests)  and she asked why?

The true answer to her “why” is very shocking.

Do you know that “Adigun’s parents have to look for N7000:00k to pay for the same tests that could have cost N3, 120: 00K in the regular government lab; simply because some members of staff are at loggerheads.

You do not believe? I would not too, if I did not see this letter (see image below).


Let me give a transcript of the red marked portion of the letter: ” At the Ordinary General Meeting of the MDCAN LUTH Chapter on the 2nd of August, 2017, the following resolutions were made: 

To stop sending samples to Haematology Laboratory.

– To disregard all laboratory results which emanates from the Haematology Laboratory.

– To direct all Hematological laboratory requests to other laboratories within the hospital where mandatory Pathologist Supervision holds… “

( my own comment – private laboratories owned by doctors; what a conflict of interests).

This campaign has now become necessary because it is quite obvious that except we, the regular Nigerians fight for our rights, we may never be able to get even the most basic right.

Healthcare Access is a right that Nigerians have lost over the years. Even in government funded hospitals , there are many anomalies that are not directly the fault of the Government. The above is one of them.

We will never be able to achieve Universal Health Coverage and Better Healthcare for all Nigerians if these anomalies are not corrected.

One of these anomalies is the lack of cordial team relationship in most Nigerian hospitals. It has led to a lot of problems and many patients’ careless deaths.

This current online campaign tagged “ the campaign for better healthcare practices in Nigeria” seeks to highlight one by one the many problems plaguing the Nigerian Health sector and proffering solutions. PhotoGrid_1497728649745This is campaign 1. Please share the tweets and write on this subject till it gets the attention of all who can change the status quo like @MobilePunch @obyezeks @channelstv @AIT_Online @lindaikeji @yates_rob @NGRPresident @ProfOsinbajo. Thank you.

Major Hashtags : #MoHealthNG #BetaHealthNG

Accessory Hashtags : #UHC4AllNigerians #Health4AllNaija #1%4Life

You can use any of the above hashtags when you want to post on Social media.

Here are some tweet ideas. Easily share / post by clicking on the embedded links.

I say No to Wickedness. No to forcing patients to spend more money on Healthcare in LUTH. #MoHealthNG

Is it fair to make patients pay more money because you are fighting with another team member? #MoHealthNG

Treat all patients as if they are your family members; improve #Health4AllNaija #MoHealthNG

Every Nigerian, not only politicians deserves access to the best healthcare possible. #UHC4AllNigerians #1%4Life

Every Nigerian deserves access to appropriate healthcare at the best price #MoHealthNG

Say No forcing poor helpless LUTH patients to pay more for laboratory services #1%4Life.

LUTH patients are Nigerians with rights. No to forceful usage of private laboratories #1%4Life

LUTH patients need access to quality services from qualified personnel #Health4AllNaija

Say No to impunity, restore services and patients to Haematology Laboratory, LUTH.

Thank you very much once more as we work together for improving the Nigerian Healthcare landscape. To join this campaign and get regular updates , please hit the follow button or fill the campaign form at the end of this post.

Thank you. Till the next campaign, I remain…

Sincerely your friend and partner in progress,

Onaoluwa Abimbola.


#UHC4AllNigerians Advocate.





Voluntary Blood donors are heroes

I just spoke with one of the best volunteers I know, a young man whose selflessness has made him embraced regular voluntary blood donation.
He is a hero , courageous and always ready to do something , anything that makes another life better… Why don’t we have more people like Oriola Oladipupo in Nigeria? If we did, we would definitely be better off.
Why did I call him? I wanted to apologise that I could not put up a planned post which I wanted to use in commemoration of World Blood Donor’s Day- celebrated June 14, every year… The culprit- my spoilt tablet device and my miserly choice of not backing up my photos via Google Photos.

I had taken a photo of him the last time he donated… Voluntarily oooo. No body begged him to  , he did not have a patient  relative. 

So now, what ‘s stopping you from becoming a voluntary donor?     


Celebrating the journey… 1

This early morning I was in a celebratory mode.

Despite all the hiccups, one goal has been met. The result? The book is out! A hardcopy version as well as an ebook version.

Let me give a brief recap. Recently (On my birthday , I announced that I had finally gotten the courage to release a book I d written circa 2015. )

I had originally typed it on my mum’s laptop. But in the process of moving some of my stuff to another device ; I had mistakenly deleted the latest version. This was before the birthday announcement.

Then in March I d found an older version of the manuscript file on my external hard drive  , so I had started working on it on my tablet device just before the birthday.

Immediately I posted about the book on Facebook, I heard the inner voice tell me, email yourself a copy of the manuscript file and eBook cover file. I did that immediately. I had learnt in a hard way never to ignore the gentle nudge.

Thank God I obeyed, … Because a few days later till now, the phone tablet has refused to boot till completion. Three repair centres later, I m finally accepting that the tab may never work again.

If that had been all, would have breathed a sigh of relief, but then the trusty old laptop I d borrowed from my mum also developed a fault. A couple cybercafes- later and leaning on a senior colleague for use of her laptop occasionally; we are finally here. Behind schedule but definitely done.


Had to give up on the Okada books idea because the email I sent asking how to give out some free copies of the book even when there is a price on the site; went unanswered..

Kindle solved that problem and so occasionally I will be giving out free Kindle copies. Yay!

P.S .

2 major changes…

Reduced the book size in order to make it handy and edited the book in order to make it as concise as possible. When you are depressed , reading voluminous tomes is not usually a favourite activity.

Of Wasted opportunities and historical monuments…

Of Wasted opportunities… Historical monuments…
Many friends have asked me, “what exactly is so special about Abeokuta? ”
To that question, there is no simple answer.

As an Abeokuta born lady who sees more beauty in the historic rock city, you could actually say I m biased and you would be right.
Sadly, a lot of the beauty I see is wasted…
Many historical monuments in Abeokuta are not getting the necessary media and government attention.
I even heard that the government demolished or wanted to demolish more of the historical monuments in Ogun state. Apparently public outcry saved the day.
Take for instance this “Centenary Hall” built in 1930…

Centenary Hall by Adesanya Adeniran of AcePixels.

Today, the hall is little more than a relic…

Lacking any state support or governmental presence, it has become a halfway home for whoever wants to take a break from the heat of the midday sun.
Yet, this historical monument still has a lot of potential.

It is right in the centre of town, almost directly opposite the Ake palace… Just a five minute walk from the first church in West Africa… Rich history right?

Photo credits : Adesanya Adeniran (AcePixels).

Centenary Hall, Abeokuta by Adesanya Adeniran

With the gallery view from the first floor, methinks this hall would be very useful for stage artists still honing their craft to display their budding talent…
Win win as people get free or cheap entertainment while the artistes build their repertoire.
Or don’t you agree?
Still on the matter, do we have any art patrons in Ogun state… ?
Saw some old paintings in the Centenary hall. I m wondering if they have any value?
Do take another look at the hall … What do you think?  Is this a wasted opportunity?

A new Perspective is always possible.

I have lived in Abeokuta almost all of my life.

That is roughly 30 years of a continuous immersion in the sights and sounds of the old rock city.

Rarely have I seen beauty in the town.

Not until I saw Farida Adamu’s lovely photo on Facebook

Abeokuta from the top of Olumo Rock


did I realise that I d been missing a whole lot.

Abeokuta is beautiful. I love Abeokuta because it is a relatively quiet, serene town.

But, I d been missing out on the picturesque beauty of the brown roofs and agbole clusters…

Just because I ‘d never seen Abeokuta from the top of Olumo rock.

Now , my perspective has changed.

This also applies to other areas of my life. I need to get the view of my circumstances from above.

This photo Farida took while seating on the highest point of Olumo rock is truly beautiful.

Now, I ve got a reason to see Abeokuta, especially Olumo rock as a tourist attraction.

Who wants to come and visit?

Perhaps, join me for a leisure drive around town on a cool night?

You can be sure that we will visit the beautiful Ake palace and the site of the first church in Nigeria.

Abeokuta is an ancient historic town that boasts of a number of notable people originating from there. The Nobel Laureate- WoleSoyinka, the multi talented Kuti family and is host to the Renowned Abeokuta Grammar School which happens to be my alma mater. Any AGSOBAs in the house? Would love to hear from you …share your Abeograms story.


Lots of stories to tell about Abeokuta. Keep a date  with this blog and you’ll be able to read some of that.



When the muse dries…

Sometimes, it is a desert.

Parched and seemingly incapable of new  growth.

Like no words will ever flow from the usual hole.


At other times, it’s a marshy pool; turgid in its very filthiness,

murky depths hidden for what seems like aeons.


Then you remember the days of abundance,

downloadWhen the muse poured out large streams of abundant blessedness.

While you wallow and wish for the pleasant days of a  free flowing pen.


When you were young and favoured by her;

It would never have looked like you see now.

With your dreams and  idealism,

you knew that she would be your redemption.


Sad that now you are lost, wandering in the embers of a soon forgotten dream.

A relic of a noble endeavour that ultimately dries all her patrons.





Heart Cry … Old Poems

Heart Cry

Nigeria at 43, evokes a flood of sadness.

The euphoria generated at independence,

lost forever in the memory of the old,

replaced by anguished reality in the young.

None of the tocsin has been heeded…

Augurs foretell,preachers speak,

but, Nigeria is dumb and deaf,

bedridden with symptoms of acute sickness.

Corruption, Indiscipline, Anarchy, Poverty and Crime are prevalent.

The high class citizens love seeing the hoi-polloi.

All that lip service to poverty eradication,

just a fantasy lived only in their dreams and shared with the people.

They give the masses scholarships to the decrepit and broken down Universities,

while non-payment of salaries and fringe benefits to teachers results in months of strikes;

leading to closure of institutions across the country.

But, their own children enjoy full scholarships to Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford et al.

They return stripped of all veneer of empathy they might have had towards the poor;

purposely to follow their parents’ laid down paths,

of oppression, neo-colonialism and nepotism.

Those in government who want to make a change,

hemmed in, hedged out,

in short, frustrated and disillusioned,

they either join them or leave them.

Hmm… Nigeria.nigeria2

At 43, Africa the motherland cries for you,

because you are just a whitewashed sepulchre,

tarted outside, full of decay and rot inside.

Justice is not to be found in thee.

Assaying to rise, you can not even crawl; let alone walk.

Infrastructure; at low provision,

Health facilities rare and when present…

Not maintained or even obsolete.

Road network, full of potholes; death-traps for ignorant travellers

Uncountable eminent lives lost to blood sucking roads.

Ah Nigeria… Are you not ashamed?

Giant only in name, dwarf in deed.

Is it Sports, Science, Health field or even in Technical advances?

You are moribund; decay and purulence pervades every facet of your life.

Gone are the days of cornucopia,

the oil boom of the 1970’s, opened this new chapter of paralysis,

with more and more money ,

came corruption, greediness and selfishness.

The end result; this prostate state.

Nigeria! Nigeria!! Nigeria!!! awake from your slumber.

Arise from your sick bed.

Let the waters of salvation cleanse you.

Restoration cometh, says the LORD…

Abimbola Onaoluwa 2003




I wrote this in 2003. This is 2016 and it feels like not much has changed… any changes at all appear negative. I really want to cling to hope… trust in the unchanging nature of life’s renewal…