Celebrating the journey… 1

This early morning I was in a celebratory mode.

Despite all the hiccups, one goal has been met. The result? The book is out! A hardcopy version as well as an ebook version.

Let me give a brief recap. Recently (On my birthday , I announced that I had finally gotten the courage to release a book I d written circa 2015. )

I had originally typed it on my mum’s laptop. But in the process of moving some of my stuff to another device ; I had mistakenly deleted the latest version. This was before the birthday announcement.

Then in March I d found an older version of the manuscript file on my external hard drive  , so I had started working on it on my tablet device just before the birthday.

Immediately I posted about the book on Facebook, I heard the inner voice tell me, email yourself a copy of the manuscript file and eBook cover file. I did that immediately. I had learnt in a hard way never to ignore the gentle nudge.

Thank God I obeyed, … Because a few days later till now, the phone tablet has refused to boot till completion. Three repair centres later, I m finally accepting that the tab may never work again.

If that had been all, would have breathed a sigh of relief, but then the trusty old laptop I d borrowed from my mum also developed a fault. A couple cybercafes- later and leaning on a senior colleague for use of her laptop occasionally; we are finally here. Behind schedule but definitely done.


Had to give up on the Okada books idea because the email I sent asking how to give out some free copies of the book even when there is a price on the site; went unanswered..

Kindle solved that problem and so occasionally I will be giving out free Kindle copies. Yay!

P.S .

2 major changes…

Reduced the book size in order to make it handy and edited the book in order to make it as concise as possible. When you are depressed , reading voluminous tomes is not usually a favourite activity.

The Laboratory Revolution in Medicine

This is an experiment. I love trying out new things and this is one of them- an experiment.


I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist who loves to read and write. I would love to read the book whose title is my post caption today- The Laboratory Revolution in Medicine. Infact, I would love to have a copy for my personal library.


My library is small though, but every once in a while I get recommendations for a book I absolutely must read. One of such books is Laboratory Revolution in Medicine – Andrew Cunningham. More than five persons have recommended the book to me.


The book has been recommended as a must read for all Medical Laboratory Scientists and Pathologists in Nigeria. Apparently, the current unhealthy conflict between the two groups of professionals would be resolved if they read this book. So, I am making it a priority to get a copy and read and if possible keep in my library.


At the moment however, it does not fit into my budget as it is a whopping $55 and ordinarily that should not have been a problem but for the ever widening Naira to Dollar conversion rate.


So, what that means is – a tighter control on expenditure especially on products not available in my country.


But, because I believe in miracles; I am hoping to get a gift of this book. Perhaps a used copy even. What I am particular about though is a copy that I can keep. So, who will be my fairy godmother and give me a copy? Is it you?